Benefits of Building Automation

There are several reasons, both operational and financial, to install an American Energy Management building automation system. AEM buildings are more comfortable, energy efficient, and virtually effortless to operate. With the right solution provider the benefits of building automation are considerable but the consequences of a poorly planned system are hard to reverse. Let American Energy Management design a custom solution just right for you.

The Operational Benefits

Maintains Measured Comfort

Computerized controls help to maintain even temperatures and lighting levels within the facility to provide measured comfort. Maintaining consistent temperature and lighting levels, increases productivity and cuts down on wasted energy.

Reduces Occupant Complaints

A more comfortable building means fewer occupant complaints. This means less time resolving complaints, happier occupants, and a more productive business environment.

Simplifies Building Operation

Computerized controls and real time graphical displays let you see exactly what’s happening with the equipment in the building without having to go up on the roof or crawl up into the ceilings. This saves on costly problem determination visits, and simplifies operations.

Avoids Business Interruptions

Unexpected equipment breakdowns can cause very costly business interruptions. The cost of employees and or processes in a building can easily be 50 to 100 times the facility operating cost on a square foot basis. The impact when customers are involved can be equally costly. Breakdowns and emergency repairs are very expensive. Computerized controls monitor equipment status and help you head-off unexpected problems.

It Makes Quantum Improvements Possible

There is a connection between operating cost, environmental quality, and profitability. Computer technology is the key to managing facilities and costs effectively. Without better tools, the existing personnel can’t keep up with increasing demands. Either quality suffers or costs increase in other areas (like contracted services, utility charges, or personnel).

The Financial Benefits

Lowers Utility Cost

AEM typically saves 20% of the operating costs of the equipment that we control. For most buildings this results in savings that range from $0.20 to $0.40/square foot.

Enhances Property Value

The value of most commercial buildings is related to the net operating income. Lowering utility costs increases the net operating income on a dollar for dollar basis. Every $0.10/square foot saved in energy could increase the market value of the property by $0.80/square foot. A 150,000 square foot building could increase in value by $240,000 by reducing energy costs $0.20/square foot.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Running the equipment less and controlling it better reduces wear-and-tear and keeps maintenance costs down.

Is A Great Investment

Most systems pay for themselves in two years or less from energy cost savings alone. Typical numbers for a 150,000 square foot building would be as follows:

One-time system cost = $ 60,000

Annual energy savings = $ 30,000/year

Property value increase = $240,000 (based on net operating income increase)

1-year return on investment = 450%

5-year return on investment = 650%

5-year net financial benefit = $390,000

It Manages Direct and Hidden Costs

Recognizing the real costs (both direct and hidden) and how they are controlled affects an organization’s ability to compete. The following costs can be significantly reduced using facility automation technology:

Personnel – Operating personnel need the tools that technology provides to leverage their expertise and time. Without better systems, quality will degrade and overall costs will rise.
Utilities – Energy costs are a large part of the controllable facility budget. Integrated facility automation makes controlling utility costs possible.
Equipment Repair and Replacement – Repair and replacement of aging building equipment is a fact of life. Newer technology equipment is generally less expensive to purchase, install, operate and service. Every significant equipment repair or replacement should be evaluated against the cost of upgrading to the newest technology.
Lost Productivity – There is a direct correlation between comfort and the productivity, receptiveness and efficiency of conducting business. Even small percentage losses due to equipment breakdowns or comfort problems represent huge costs and can easily justify providing a proper building environment.

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