The AEM Advantage

There are several good reasons to choose American Energy Management. We have specialized in building automation for over 35 years and have an outstanding track record of success in projects both large and small. Some of the reasons why our customers choose AEM are:

Dedicated People

AEM has qualified, committed and flexible people. That is the key to the success of our projects. All the latest technology in the world is not going to solve your problems, people applying that technology will. Many of our people have been with AEM for over 20 years and have personal experience in hundreds of our installations. AEM has a staff of experienced personnel specializing in the application of building automation systems. Our staff of project managers, application engineers, technicians, designers, and programmers provides ample depth and expertise to insure responsiveness and success to project needs.

Proven Performance

The best validation of AEM’s capabilities is in the endorsement of our customers. AEM has a solid performance record and an impressive reference list of satisfied customers. Our installations are in various types of facilities including, owner occupied buildings, hospitals, laboratory areas, retail stores, large shopping malls, schools, colleges and universities, multi-tenant buildings, industrial, and commercial. Our customers provide enthusiastic references, and look to us as a business partner. Some of the projects that we have installed are described in this website. In addition we can provide contacts at clients with similar facilities and mechanical systems to yours.

Cost Competitive and High Quality

AEM’s product solutions are up-to-date, of high quality and very cost competitive. Our systems are widely used, open protocol, and can be purchased and serviced by others. Our organized approach to project implementation makes us highly efficient and cost competitive.

Open Systems

Open protocol systems protect the buyer’s investment. The reason to insist on an open system is so that you’re not locked in to a proprietary vendor, manufacturer, or system. AEM provides industry standard open platform systems, and we can interface with many other older proprietary systems that have software interface drivers. Our systems and products can be supported by thousands of system integrators worldwide which protects our customer’s investment and gives them options.

Why Choose AEM … In Summary

We are experts – We specialize in building automation. Our people are experienced and at the top of the application and technology learning curves. The expertise you need resides with us, the people that actually implement your system. We have developed efficient methods and systems to program, test, and install projects so things work right. We focus on results and have lots of enthusiastic references, for us and our systems.

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