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AEM provides computerized building control systems that manage energy use to save money and deliver measured comfort. The AEM WebView System is an open protocol networked building control system that can be accessed locally or over the internet using a browser from a PC, Tablet, or Smartphone. It consists of hardware and software products that are available off-the shelf, are widely used, and well supported.

AEM’s latest WebView systems are based on the Niagra AX Framework®. Tridium is the inventor of the Niagara Framework®, a universal software platform that allows integration and interoperability of diverse systems – regardless of manufacturer, or communication protocol – into a unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real-time over the Internet. Tridium is used and supported by several controls companies including TAC, Honeywell, Staefa (division of Siemens), Distech Controls, Carrier, McQuay, ABB, and Schneider Electric/Square D among others. There are well over 400 trained suppliers, and over 300,000 instances of Niagara AX installed worldwide. More information on is available at

AEM provides controllers manufactured by Distech Controls and ASI Controls. These manufacturers offer a wide variety of products utilizing LON, BacNet, OPC, Modbus, IP, wireless, and mesh network communications, that include, pre-programmed controllers, programmable controllers, smart room controls, lighting control systems, access control products, CCTV, room devices, mobile applications, smoke control systems, and others. More information on their products is available is available at and at

AEM provides SkySpark analytics software to analyze and improve system operation. SkySpark takes the data from your building and energy systems and applies rules, algorithms, and your knowledge and experience, to identify operational inefficiencies, equipment faults, and opportunities for savings. There’s no need to hunt through graphics, reports, alarms, and histories since SkySpark automatically notifies you when it detects operational issues and brings you to automatically generated views of those issues, which we call “sparks”. SkySpark provides calculation of the costs of equipment faults, energy performance deviations, and other operational issues which provides meaningful analysis and actionable results. More information on SkySpark is available at

AEM is an experienced System Integrator with more than 35 years experience in over 1500 installations. We are certified Value Added Resellers for Distech Controls, TridiumAX, ASI Controls, and SkySpark Analytics. We support LON, BacNet, IP, OPC, ModBus, Wireless and other legacy protocols. In addition, we use and can supply products from many other manufacturers, and we can integrate to most existing systems as well as new open systems provided by others. Our intelligent stand-alone controllers, and powerful open protocol operator interface software are combined to provide a low cost installation, and a non-proprietary foundation for building control.

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