About Us


American Energy Management (AEM) is a systems integrator specializing in building automation. The company is based in Marlborough Massachusetts, and since 1978 has installed over one thousand systems that control over one hundred million square feet of space. These systems monitor the building’s environment and make intelligent decisions about ventilation, heating, cooling, lighting, and building control. They track actual conditions and automatically make changes to deliver measured comfort at minimum operating cost. We have developed highly efficient methods of designing systems, organizing projects and producing tailored application software. This allows us to deliver software systems of uncommonly high quality that are simple to use yet low in cost.

AEM was founded in 1978 by John L. Martin. The company has worked to evolve a very efficient and low cost process for installing sophisticated computerized building control systems. Mr. Martin is an engineering graduate of The University of Notre Dame and has worked in software programming, communication engineering, electronics design, and management. The company is a great place to work. Many of the our senior personnel have worked at AEM for well over 25 years and still share an enthusiasm and keen interest in the business, the technology, and our customers.

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